Body Scan & Positive Body Image Process

Custom Garment Design for Unique Specifications

3D to 2D Pattern Creation & Pattern Nesting

Sustainable Textile & Notion Selection

Garment Construction for Durability & Alterability

Garment End of Life Design

Come make clothes with us.

From the Log


on 1 October 2018

You are invited to a 3 day workshop on digital technologies for the future of fashion design! Advanced digital technologies allow us to rethink the process of traditional fashion design and pattern drafting. Are you interested in envisioning how we will design and consume fashion in 2030? We’d like designers to spend some time with our digital tools, create body scans and design in 3D, discussing digital design processes and the future of fashion.

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Hello World.

on 12 June 2018

Hello World, we are GenCloth.

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