“There is no going back. Study the past to know why, not what, and from the why, dream and do.
There is no shortcut to creation.”

― Elizabeth Ann Coleman, The Genius of Charles James

GenCloth aims to empower local fashion designers with 3D software toolkits for rapid client customization in order to grow local economies and the next generation of fashion designers. The toolkit includes software plugin tools and databases to aid in designing customized pieces for clientele, speed up production timelines within local micro factories, and aid in the production of durable and sustainable designs that add value into fashion.

Advanced digital technologies allow us to rethink the process of traditional fashion design and pattern drafting. Historical techniques, pure creativity and imagination merging together with enhanced computer design skills are establishing a new era in fashion. Digital tools aid in furthering the fashion industries goals of a healthier and sustainable industry cycle. We look to the next generation of designers to help with this mission, changing methods from the beginning of the design process completely through to the end of life of the garment, ensuring sustainability throughout. Enabling these future designers and future brands with fresh tools can help create more positive growth within the fashion industry and produce correlating positive effects for our planet, society and ourselves.

Human centric design brings focus on value and health into garments by leveraging body positivity, reality design and ease for personal preference. This alters the production process from mass production to mass customization and opens opportunities for complete circular design. The GenCloth toolkit encourages pattern nesting for reduced material waste, alterability within pattern design, durable construction techniques for garment longevity.

Research and development for the platform began in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, since then the team has continuously worked with clients and designers alike to develop GenCloth.

GenCloth is focused on contributing to the achievement of six of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Are you interested in being at the forefront of how we will design and consume fashion in 2030?

Come make clothes with us.